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PhotoI am a Professor of Political Science / Political System of Germany at the Social Science Department at the University of Oldenburg. I hold a Dr. rer. pol. from the Freie Universität (FU) Berlin and a MA in Political Science, Public Law and Economic Policy from the University of Münster. My research  focuses on political decision making in comparative public policies, behavioral public administration, political sociology and social science research methods (Google Scholar, Research Gate, SSRN, ORCID)

What's New

New research project granted by the Volkswagen Foundation! The application in cooperation with Hebrew Universitiy of Jerusalem - Isarael with the title „The causal effect of public sector identity on moral behavior: A comparative experimental study“ was granted by the Volkswagen-Stiftung for a period of three years.

Inaugural editorial board member of the Journal of Behavioral Public Administration (JBPA). JBPA is an interdisciplinary open access journal that focuses on behavioral and experimental research in public administration, broadly defined.

Recent publications / accepted / forthcoming:

"To Adapt or to Defend? Comparing Position Shifts among Bundestag Candidates between 2013 and 2017",  with Michael Jankowski and Sebastian Schneider West European Politics (forthcoming).

"Do future bureaucrats punish more? The Effect of PSM and studying Public Administration on Contributions and Punishment in a Public Goods Game", with Christine Prokop, International Public Management Journal (forthcoming).


Debus, M., Sauermann, J., Tepe, M. (2019) Jahrbuch für Handlungs- und Entscheidungstheorie.
Band 11
: Heidelberg: Springer.

Contact Information

Prof. Dr. Markus Tepe
Political Science / Political System of Germany
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
Ammerländer Heerstraße 114 - 118
26129 Oldenburg, GER
Phone: +49441798-4563
E-Mail: markus.tepe@uni-oldenburg.de