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Markus TepeWelcome, and thanks for stopping by.

I am a Professor of Political Science / Political System of Germany at the Social Science Department at the University of Oldenburg. I hold a Dr. rer. pol. from the Freie Universität Berlin and a MA in Political Science, Public Law and Economic Policy from the University of Münster. Currently, I am one of the three speakers of the Working Group on Decision Theory in the German Political Science Association (GPSA).

My research  focuses on political decision making in comparative public policies, behavioral public administration, political sociology, and social science research methods (ORCID, Scopus, Google Scholar, Research Gate, SSRN).


Upcoming conferences: SEAS Research Paper on "Multidimensional preferences for regulating self-driving Cars" accepted for presentation at the 117th Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association.

Research proposal entitled “Who should get the vaccine first? How do COVID-19 vaccine allocation regimes affect citizens' global vs. national identities and priority preferences” has been approved by the Volkswagen Foundation. The project will be implemented in cooperation with Pieter Vanhuysse from the University of Southern Denmark (Odense) and Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It will receive funding for the next 1,5 years.

Research proposal on "Smart Self-Service Systems in the Municipal Administration" has been approved by the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK Nds.). The project will be implemented in cooperation with OFFIS Oldenburg and the City of Oldenburg. It will receive funding for the next three years.

Recent publications

"Who wants COVID-19 Vaccination to be Compulsory? The Impact of Party Cues, Left-Right Ideology and Populism" with Christina-Marie Juen, Michael Jankowski, Robert A. Huber, Torren Frank and Leena Maaß, Politics (accepted)

"Public sector honesty and corruption: Field evidence from 40 countries" with Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan and Omer Yair, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (online first, open access).

"Vaccine Alliance Building Blocks: A Conjoint Experiment on Popular Support for International COVID-19 Cooperation Formats" with Pieter Vanhuysse and Michael Jankowski, Policy Sciences (online first, open access)

"Efficiency Loss and Support for Income Redistribution. Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment" with Fabian Paetzel, Jan Lorenz and Maximilian Lutz, Rationality & Society (online first, open access).

"Deciding how to decide on public goods provision: The role of instrumental vs. intrinsic motives" with Philipp Harms, Claudia Landwehr and Maximilian Lutz, Research & Politics (online first, open access).

"Talk or Type? The Effect of Digital Interfaces on Citizens’ Satisfaction with Standardized Public Services" with Christine Prokop, Public Administration (online first, open access)

Contact Information

Prof. Dr. Markus Tepe
Political Science / Political System of Germany
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
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26129 Oldenburg, GER
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